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How Safe is your Rental Property?

Today, there are a host of compliance issues that a property investor must address in order to hand over a property in safe order to a tenant. The property must comply with various safety standards required by legislation.
Tenancy and other legislation demands that your property be safe for a tenant to live in. This relates to every aspect of the property including the operation of door and window locks, smoke alarm installation, pool fencing and registration, water compliance, railings and stairs.

It is easy to overlook these issues as not important or an additional unwanted expense. As your property manager, our advice is to ensure that your property complies with legislation. This will help in mitigating any loss as a result of a break and enter, slip and fall or other claims against you.

In light of the above we also strongly suggest that even when you have taken all steps to ensure that your property is compliant, that you also affect a landlord protection insurance policy.

We urge you to use experienced guidance in helping you to take all necessary steps to ensure that your property is safe and complies with legislation.

move into the area from interstate or overseas, accessing this type of information is crucial and can save literally thousands of dollars in damages, stress and possibly conflict.