It's our people that make all the difference.

Buying and selling a home is possibly one of the biggest contracts most people ever enter into, so you want good people around you to help, advise and reassure you through the process. And when it comes to renting out your investment property, we approach this process with the respect it deserves, to be treated as a business.
We would love to help
with your property.

A founding member of Jump, Christine has switched careers and is loving her mid-life renaissancein property. Christine supports the sales team and provides managerial support across both sales and property management – a sort of general dogs body. Christine is an avid investor with experience and understanding of the needs of landlords, tenants, vendors and buyers – having worn all of those hats many times over. 

~ Christine Smitham


Lou is a founder of Jump, has worked across every aspect of property management and knows the business inside and out. He is our quality guy, laser focussed on providing landlords and tenants an exceptional experience. Lou is an engineer by trade, calculating, exact and tidy. When he’s not busy keeping our rent roll in tip-top shape, you can find him sporting lycra on his bike!

~ Lou Marchesan


An original member of the Jump team, Mary put us on the map back in 2014. She’s got enough energy to power a small country and with a background in psychology, Mary’s a natural problem-solver – which comes in handy in the fast-paced world of property management. Mary’s experience as a business owner and investor means she’s got a wealth of knowledge to share and loves nothing more than helping both landlords and tenants to have a positive experience. 

~ Mary Marchesan

Principal / Property Manager

With years of experience selling residential and commercial properties, Kevin loves guiding buyers and sellers through the often complicated process. With a passion for property investment, Kevin has a deep understanding of the development process, from procurement to the sale of completed homes, off-plan projects, and house & land packages. He’s a renovation mastermind with a team of reliable tradespeople at his disposal to prepare property for market. He’s always keen to talk property; like making a room look bigger (spoiler alert: mirrors are the answer).

~ Kevin Radloff

Sales Manager

When Jane joined the Jump team in early 2018, we let out a collective sigh of relief – she’s a multitasking queen, supporting both the sales and property management teams as she oversees the running of our business. When it comes to property maintenance, Jane is like a ninja, effortlessly coordinating repairs, getting quotes, and making sure landlords and tenants are happy. With decades of experience in real estate, we are lucky to have her on our team.

~ Jane Gooden

Executive Support

Nina joined Jump in August 2022 armed with ten years experience managing a boutique hairdressing salon. Apparently dealing with unruly hair and demanding clients had prepared her for the world of property management where an excellent eye for detail strong customer focus and boundless energy are vital.  Her knowledge of managing a high-performing team with demanding KPIs Nina has transitioned from ‘hair to housing’. We’re glad she joined our team and we will never have a bad hair day again!

~ Nina Pavolvic

Property Manager

In February 2020, Ella joined Jump armed with an impressive array of skills, including IT, holiday lets, marketing, and customer support. From day one Ella has proven herself invaluable to the team, our ‘behind the scenes’ person, who plays a vital role in supporting our landlords and tenants. Without her, we might be adrift in a turbulent sea of chaos and confusion! 

~ Ella Dela Cruz

Property Management Support
We are essentially a group of enthusiastic, mature and service obsessed professionals who draw from a range of experience including engineering, psychology, customer relationship management, injury management and property services.
The team at Jump are all investors – and as landlords, we have bought, sold, developed and rented property for decades. Recognising a gap in the market in 2014, Jump Property Management & Sales was launched with a vision to offer real estate services that actually benefited vendors, buyers, landlords and tenants in a way that we would like to be serviced.