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How To Complete a Routine Inspection


There are various ways to complete a routine inspection, typically though, they are completed once every two to six months and include a large number of different routine checks. These may include general cleanliness, wear and tear to the property, damage, water leakage, security of the property and compliance matters. Generally, there is a feel that routine inspections are completed to ensure the tenant/s are completing an appropriate upkeep on the property, however, this is only a small aspect of a routine inspection It’s important to inspect a property for potential damage or even a liability issue that may be minimised. Any potential water damage must also be looked at. This can come in a number of different forms, from observing a leaky tap underneath the sink or noticing a full gutter in need of clearing. We look to minimise any potential bond claims or disputes at the end of the lease by addressing these early in the tenancy, advising tenants to place a protective floor rug or mat under an office chair, or felt pads under furniture to minimise damage to floor boards is but one of the things JUMP does to prevent damage to your property.