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Getting Started in Property Investment

UNITS OR HOME? WHICH IS THE BEST TO INVEST IN?Apartments are currently producing better yields than houses, right across the market. However, the one absolute certainty is that this may not always be the case.

Investing in real estate should always be considered a long-term investment and the market is cyclical by nature. While the current trend is toward suburban family homes, there are significant home buying opportunities in the area where strong capital gains will be seen in the future.

Savvy investors split their investment strategy across both houses and units so that in the long term, they benefit from both changes in fashion and the market’s ups and downs.

It’s also important to make sure the rental return achieved from each of your investment properties is maximised. This includes not only maintaining a market rent but also minimising vacancy and ensuring that the features of your property keep pace with market trends.

Simple improvements like a fresh coat of paint, installing built in wardrobes or new window coverings can increase your rental return

We can help you with maximising the income potential of your property with the aim of helping you to grow your property investment portfolio.